Lifelong learning and education

Lifelong learning opportunities are offered through interesting and educational events at the Prairie Crossing Farm and Byron Colby Barn, and throughout a wide variety of Prairie Crossing community events. The College of Lake County and the University Center of Lake County are both located within two miles. Deliberate and informal learning of many kinds takes place through cooperative activities among the Liberty Prairie Foundation, Conserve Lake County, Prairie Crossing Homeowners Association, and individual residents. The Prairie Crossing Charter School offers elementary education based on an environmental curriculum to children from two local school districts and the Montessori School of Lake Forest Adolescent Program is based at the Prairie Crossing Farm.

Feedback on the Guiding Principles is gathered annually in a survey. Here are several comments from residents related to this Guiding Principle:

  • “This community has an exceptional variety of ‘lifelong learning’ activities going on, and plenty more are available at low cost nearby at the College of Lake County.”
  • “The concerts and other special functions at the Barn are so convenient and of high quality.”
  • “In addition to formal ‘lifelong learning’ events, I’ve learned so much from my neighbors. Because this is a community where you actually get to know each other, there are so many opportunities to learn from peoples’ diverse backgrounds and skill sets. Perhaps more eclectic people are drawn to Prairie Crossing than your average community, but I’d be willing to bet we’re just more connected to each other and have greater exposure to learning from each other.”

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