Prairie Crossing was developed around ten Guiding Principles that provide the framework for a way of life the respects the environment and enables residents to experience a strong connection between community and the land. Part of that sense of community is in the social traditions that have evolved at Prairie Crossing. Some are open to the public and organized through formal groups while others are led by ad-hoc groups of residents. The common thread is Prairie Crossing residents gathering and building community connections.

Prairie Crossing Social Committee Events

Spring fling egg hunt 3_editedThe Social Committee organizes events for Prairie Crossing residents throughout the year including the Spring Fling Egg Hunt, 4th of July bike parade, Beach Fest campout, Fright Fest haunted hay ride, monthly Ladies Night In, and other resident-led events.

The Social Committee is composed of a team of dedicated resident volunteers who lead and coordinate self-funded events for Prairie Crossing residents with the cooperation of the Prairie Crossing Homeowners Association.

Event information is published in the monthly Meadow Mix newsletter for Prairie Crossing residents, posted on the calendar on the Prairie Crossing Homeowners Association website, and shared on the informal email group.

Liberty Prairie Foundation Events

plant sale_7129_1_editedIn addition to homeowner-lead events, the Liberty Prairie Foundation organizes events for Prairie Crossing residents and the larger community.

Events at the Prairie Crossing Farm help balance the community’s desire for educational events with the Prairie Crossing Farmers’ needs to safely conduct farm operations on a real working organic farm. Click here for information about Liberty Prairie Foundation events.

The Liberty Prairie Foundation also supports the Early Music Series at the Byron Colby Barn, featuring acclaimed professional musicians performing music from the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods. Click here for information about the Early Music Series.

Matt's Mile and 5K

Matt’s Mile is organized by the 12 Oaks Foundation, in memory of a young Prairie Crossing resident who became a symbol of courage through his fight with cancer. Matt lost his battle at age 13 and in his honor, 12 Oaks Foundation provides grants to help defray the cost of sports and extracurricular activities for children in families suffering financial hardship related to ongoing cancer treatment.

Matt’s Mile and 5K is held each fall on the streets and trails of Prairie Crossing. Click here for information about Matt’s Mile and the 12 Oaks Foundation.

Ad-Hoc Events

4th of July 2015 8_editedA variety of ad-hoc events are planned each year by residents including the popular Father’s Day pig roast, St. Patrick’s Day Potluck, Chili Cook-Off, Rib Fest, Brew HaHa, Gingerbread Decorating, Turkey Trot, and more.

There are residents who gather for the Braunschweiger Bunch men’s monthly bonfires and weekly pick-up soccer games as well as an Indian Guides tribe with many Prairie Crossing residents.

The type and number of ad-hoc events are limited only by the imagination and creativity of the Prairie Crossing residents.

20th Anniversary Events

On December 16, 1994, the first home in Prairie Crossing was purchased.  Twenty years later, Prairie Crossing is a thriving community and a nationally renowned example of how conservation principles can be integrated into a suburban neighborhood.  The Prairie Crossing Homeowners Association and Liberty Prairie Foundation marked the 20th anniversary of the first Prairie Crossing home with a number of special celebrations beginning with a panel discussion of the “Prairie Crossing pioneers” at the 2015 PCHOA annual meeting and culminating with the “Prairie Crossing at Twenty: From Pioneering Design to Vibrant Community” event featuring many of the original planners and architects.

Over the course of the anniversary year, the following articles were published in Meadow Mix, the monthly newsletter for Prairie Crossing residents, to share the history and unique features of this community:

  1. A (Very) Brief History – December 2014
  2. Environmental Features – January 2015
  3. Personal Stories Sampler – February 2015
  4. Social Traditions – March 2015
  5. Healthy Lifestyle – April 2015
  6. Interesting Neighbors – May 2015
  7. Liberty Prairie Reserve – June 2015
  8. Guiding Principles – July 2015
  9. Architecture – August 2015
  10. Wildlife – September 2015
  11. 20th Anniversary Event Recap – October 2015
  12. The Prairie Crossing influence – November 2015
  13. Interesting Tidbits – December 2015

To celebrate the 20th anniversary year, the Liberty Prairie Foundation produced a video series about life at Prairie Crossing. Click here to watch the Seasons at Prairie Crossing video series.