Prairie Crossing Farm

One of the special features of Prairie Crossing is its working organic farm, in operation since 1993, which provides homeowners with views over cultivated fields of vegetables and access to locally-grown food. The Prairie Crossing Farm was one of the first parts of the community to be established and remains at its heart. Based at an old farmstead with several houses, barns and outbuildings, the farm consists of 100 acres.

The Prairie Crossing Farm is owned by the Liberty Prairie Foundation which operates from headquarters in the Yellow Farmhouse. The Prairie Crossing Farm is home to educational programs, a Farm Business Development Center, multiple independently operated farm businesses, and more. Prairie Crossing residents and the general public buy vegetables, fruits, eggs, and other farm products – all produced without pesticides or herbicides – from different farm businesses at the Prairie Crossing Farm. Although the Prairie Crossing Homeowners Association does not own the farm or manage its operations, it contributes financially each year in recognition of the services the farm provides the community.

The original budget for the farm operations was included as part of the marketing expense for the residential development. The farm generated a great deal of free press, and some families attracted by farm events purchased homes at Prairie Crossing. Cash flow generated from residential sales provided the funding required to operate the farm from start-up through the development’s buildout. At that point, ownership of the farmland was transferred from the development company, Prairie Holdings Corporation, to the Liberty Prairie Foundation. The Foundation is funded by grants, fee-for-service contracts, a transfer fee of .5% of the sale price of each home (provided through deed restrictions), and tipping fees from the nearby Countryside landfill. Click here to learn more about the Liberty Prairie Foundation and the Prairie Crossing Farm.