Prairie Crossing on PBS Growing a Greener World

Prairie Crossing and the Prairie Crossing Farm were recently featured on an episode of Growing a Greener World, airing nationwide on PBS stations. Growing a Greener World is an award-winning TV show that features organic gardening, green living and farm-to-table cooking. Each episode focuses on compelling and inspirational people making a positive impact on the planet.

Liberty Prairie Foundation President and CEO Brad Leibov said he is encouraged by the growing interest in sustainable local food systems, and livable communities. “We are gratified that the Growing a Greener World producers invited us to share our story with a national audience,” he said. “George and Vicky Ranney, the visionaries and developers of Prairie Crossing, have inspired similar conservation-minded communities across the United States, through the success of Prairie Crossing. Local food farms provide residents with healthy food while providing improved land health and economic benefits for the entire community.”

Click here to watch the “Greening of Suburbia” episode (#509) of Growing a Greener World!