Stormwater Management

Through careful planning by experts from Applied Ecological Services and the Prairie Crossing environmental team, Prairie Crossing achieved an innovative solution for stormwater management and simultaneously created an attractive habitat for wildlife and an amenity for residents. The stormwater collection system uses long-rooted native prairie plants to slow and purify rainwater and snowmelt on their way to the large centrally located Lake Aldo Leopold.  This lake not only serves as a detention basin; it is also a popular amenity used by residents for swimming, boating, fishing and skating.

This system decreases surface runoff volume by approximately 65% as compared to a more typical development. Most nutrients and sentiment are removed before the water reaches the lake, which is good for the overall watershed. This “Stormwater Treatment Train” combines cluster development and stormwater best practices in a unique overall management system. Applied Ecological Services has several publications about the innovative Stormwater Treatment Train™ including this project summary, the overall case study, as well as a hydrograph comparison.

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