A sense of community

In the belief that community and conservation can go hand in hand, the trails and common areas of Prairie Crossing are designed to be places where people can meet to enjoy and care for the land. The Homeowners Association has taken responsibility for the community amenities, design review, and other aspects of community life at Prairie Crossing. From the outset Prairie Crossing has sought to work collaboratively with its neighbors, seeking to achieve unusual synergies with homeowner associations, public officials, and local businesses.

Feedback on the Guiding Principles is gathered annually in a survey. Here are several comments from residents related to this Guiding Principle:

  • “There is no doubt that Prairie Crossing is a very active community with many involved and engaged people. Evidence: our many fun events are run by volunteers and are always well attended!”
  • “The PCVC (Prairie Crossing Volunteer Corps) and various other service and volunteer groups are evidence of a strong sense of community.”
  • “In many neighborhoods, people may become acquainted with their next door neighbors or those on their block. In Prairie Crossing, that sense of community expands to the whole development! We met more people here in our first week than we did during 5 years in a Chicago neighborhood. Because of the community events and shared community amenities, we have established so many relationships with neighbors near and far.”

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