Guiding Principles

Ten important principles established by the community’s founders have guided Prairie Crossing since its inception. Together, these Guiding Principles provide the framework for a way of life that respects the environment and enables residents to experience a strong connection between community and the land.

  1. Environmental protection and enhancement
  2. A healthy lifestyle
  3. A sense of place
  4. A sense of community
  5. Economic and racial diversity
  6. Convenient and efficient transportation
  7. Energy conservation
  8. Lifelong learning and education
  9. Aesthetic design and high-quality construction
  10. Economic viability

The Guiding Principles continue to be important to Prairie Crossing residents, as expressed in comments from annual surveys:

  • “The more I’ve seen these ten principles over my 14 years here, the more inspired I think they are. Every one of them.”
  • “I love living in a place with such inspiring principles. Though there are opportunities for improvement (especially pertaining to #5), I think we’re doing pretty well.”
  • “I gave high ratings because the principles are very important to me and I think we meet them to a higher degree than any other community I know.”